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End Fossil - Occupy![edit | edit source]

End Fossil: Occupy is an international action call-out for students to occupy their schools and universities to end the fossil economy now. Under the common goal of smashing the fossil fuel industry in the deadlines of the climate crisis, hundreds of schools and universities will be occupied all over the world.

Anyone from any part of the world can be part of it as long as they do an occupation at a school or university on ending the fossil industry and they follow the 3 action principles: youth-led occupation, climate justice framework for the demands, and occupy until they win the demands.

Together, between September and December 2022, students all over the world occupied more than 50 schools, fighting for a just world. Now, we will occupy again, starting on May 2nd (you can find everything about it here).

Here you can find, suggest and share sets of skills that you acquired during the occupations so that either activists or new students that want to occupy can get a better view of the different areas!